Direct and relationship marketing

Whether it is to find, retain or influence your customers, direct marketing still remains a highly performing communicative tool. Including this method in your multichannel relationship marketing strategies will demonstrate the relevance and added value of your company while guiding your clients, early in the development of their projects, through customized business planning.

Our experts can help you get more from your marketing efforts. By including the direct marketing method in your multichannel relationship marketing strategies, you are guaranteed to have the highest rate of return, at a very low acquisition cost.

  • Response rates increased
  • Communicative efficiency
  • Personalization
  • Relationship marketing

Our specialists can advise you on the means at your disposal and support you in integrating direct marketing by mail to your current strategies.

  • One of the best means among the available channels*
  • Lowest cost per acquisition*
  • Easy integration with your current strategies (web or other)
  • Easily measurable rate of response
  • Segmentation based on the interests of the recipient
  • Easily measurable return on investment
  • More effective and impactful communications